Winbitx, Do Not Judge It before Trying It

It is true that in today’s time, the online trading industry has become crowded with scammers and fraudsters. Yet, one must not go ahead and generalize the same perception on the entire online trading industry. There are many exchanges out there trying their best to bring back the lost reputation of the trading industry and Winbitx is among them. The exchange has been offering its services in a unique manner so investors can come and see for themselves how legit and reliable the exchange is. In this Winbitx review, I will be covering some important points around the exchange to give you a better understanding.

Not Every Exchange Offers World Class Trading Platforms

Nowadays, most of the trading exchanges are offering their own “below-standard” trading platforms. On the other hand, Winbitx is offering investors with not just one but two major trading platforms MT5 and MT4. These are major trading platforms that have been around for more than a decade. They offer services such as trading instructions, economic calendar, single-click executions, trading charts/graphs, and advanced reporting system.

Initially, these platforms were available for investors only via desktops and browsers. With the passage of time, their accessibility has been increased to smartphones and tablets.

Transaction Security is at the Highest Priority

Winbitx knows very well where that the investors are extremely sensitive when it comes to personal and financial information. No one wants their personal or financial information to go into the wrong hands or people, who are unrelated to them. This is the reason why Winbitx channels every transaction through peer-to-peer channels protected with encryptions. This ensures that no one can access such transactions and steal the information from them.

The Exchange’s Foundation is based on Regulations

While most of the exchanges avoid getting connected to regulations in any way possible, Winbitx does the exact opposite. It demonstrates full adherence to the regulations and has not part from them once. The regulations it adheres to include Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

The Exchange is known for Offering All Major Trading Instruments

While most of the exchanges avoid offering more than 2 trading instruments, Winbitx bluntly offers all five major trading assets that are cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, commodities, and indices. These assets are the pillars of the online trading industry and all other products are somehow connected to them. The teams at Winbitx can offer investors with all the support and guidance they need per instrument.

The Trading Accounts are Diverse and Many in Number

Most of the trading exchanges offer just a single real time trading account and the only help they offer is with a demo-trading account. On the other hand, Winbitx offers a variety of trading accounts based on an investor’s trading experience and financial condition. If an investor is expert, then it is obvious he will be able to make hefty deposits so the accounts have been created keeping that in mind. No matter the subscription, each account offers tremendous amount of services and benefits to the investors.

Wait Till You See the Educational Content

Winbitx knocks every other mediocre-level trading exchange out of the park with its educational content. The components and data it offers in the form of educational content is exceptional. As of now, the investors can benefit from the content presented in the form of ebooks, seminars, webinars, help center, trading academy, and one-on-one training. The investors can benefit heavily from the content, learning insights, tips, tricks, strategies, and maneuvers for taking challenges of trading markets head-on.

What Would Happen if You Were To Call Their Customer Support

If an investor calls the customer support offered by Winbitx, they will be surprised to know that its customer support is on a different level. The customer support representatives at Winbitx are pro in their field and are always ready to listen to customer queries and provide prompt resolutions. They are considered to be one of the friendliest, professional, and highly knowledgeable individuals in the customer support sector. Their support is available for investors from Monday to Saturday, and it is up to the investors to get in touch with Winbitx via phone, chat support, and email.

Ending Thoughts

Yes, it is true that there are many exchanges nowadays making many promises only to get money out of the investors and then desert them. However, do not let such blur your vision and judgment, leading you to distrust any exchange that even tries to offer authentic services. Make sure to always pay close attention to details about exchanges and do extensive research around an exchange before judging it.

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